Kholat - launch trailer released

Kholat - Launch Trailer Released
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    Kholat - Launch Trailer Released

    The Dyatlov Pass incident is something we’ve talked about here before. In 1959, at the base of Siberia’s “Death Mountain” a group of nine students lost their lives under mysterious — and unnerving — circumstances. It’s creepy enough to offer an intriguing premise for a horror game, and that’s exactly what the folks behind Kholat are doing.

    Kholat – Update 1.01 Changelog:
    – launch crashes fixes
    – stability fixes
    – game will not save in Act3, players with save from Act3 can continue playing from last save location from Act2
    – key bindings fixed
    – invert mouse fixed
    – gameplay bugs fixes
    – inventory (map, compass, journal) will now properly scale based on user configured camera FOV
    – added few missing localization texts

    5 July 2015 - 18:12 / #1
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